When Kate Met Mario – The Hidden World Of Fashion’s Greatest Duo

Thanks to her famously water tight privacy agreements and refusal to publicly divulge anything even remotely personal, it’s rare that us mere mortals get a glimpse inside Kate Moss’ glamorous life.


But now a collection of intimate photographs published by TASCHEN is offering Moss devotees the chance we’ve all been waiting for…


‘Kate Moss by Mario Testino’ follows the long-lasting friendship between fashion’s most revered photographer and the world’s best-loved model, with many unseen snaps from Testino’s own private archive. A personal homage to his greatest muse, the book documents the journey of their legendary collaboration, beginning with Testino’s transformation of a young Moss from grungy teenage waif to seductive supermodel.


Offering sneak peeks of backstage tomfoolery and going behind-the-scenes on some of their most famous editorial shoots, this marvel of a book is littered with countless iconic images that transcend fashion, celebrating the union of fashion’s most dynamic duo. And it will, temporarily at least, quench your thirst for all things Mossy.


© Mario Testino

Kate Moss by Mario Testino, New edition, £27.99, TASCHEN;

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