Kids, Top Eight Ways To Deck Your Digs! DIY Your Halloween

School’s out tomorrow and with All Hallow’s Eve looming, complete with its attendant ghouls and ghosts, now’s the moment to get ready for a copious amount of deadly DIY decorating… Here’s our top eight ways to DIY spookify your home.

1. Spaghetti worms

Hunt out the biggest bowl you have lurking in your kitchen cupboards, cook spaghetti, dollop all in a monstrous bowl, blindfold your gopher and hide an object inside the mound of pasta… if they find said object through the maze of worms, have a treat (or a trick, depending on how much you like your friend/victim) ready as reward.

2. Stringy doughnuts

Loop ring doughnuts onto string – one per child. Hang the string above the little ones’ heads and make sure hands are firmly behind backs. The first one who manages to scoff an entire doughnut wins a treat…

3. Halloween chocolates

Those brilliant chocolate masterminds at Cocoa Exchange have created an exclusive box of spooky treats designed especially for Halloween… Put the sweety bag aside for the kiddies, these ones are for you.

Pick up yours at The Cocoa Exchange before they run out! £20.00; 201 Belsize Road, NW6 4AA;

4. Apple bobbing

An old classic. Fill a tub or large basin with water and place apples inside. Tie hands behind back and try to catch one with your teeth. No cheating!

5. Wrap the mummy

The rules are simple – divide into two (or more) teams of two. Assign the task of mummifying to one half of your duo, while the other submits to being entirely wrapped in look role – whoever does it first wins. For even better results, mummify your mummy. She’ll love it, promise.  Required: lots and lots of toilet roll.

6. Pumpkin carving

Call us contrary, but we always like the more misshapen pumpkin when it comes to Halloween. Draw a face with marker pen, and carve away. If there’s a mess, well, it’s Halloween…. mums, this is your moment to make some wintry pumpkin soup.

7. Home decoration stencil bats

Find bat stencils online. Print, cut out, draw around and colour away. When finished, use adhesive and deck your wall out like a bat cave…

8. Jam jars

Wash out any jar you have sitting in the cupboard and draw scary shapes on the outside with a marker pen. Place a tea light inside and watch spooky shadows appear on the wall…

Happy Halloween all… wishing you frights, bumps in the night and treats aplenty. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

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