5 Of The Best Skin Oils Money Can Buy

As we slowly emerge from the deepest depths of winter, we realise our skin has taken quite a battering in those months of cold, harsh British weather.


And sometimes, a simple moisturiser or balm just isn’t enough to hydrate our weary pores. While the thought of slathering oil onto our face may take a while to get used to, once you’ve experienced the benefits first-hand, there’ll be no turning back. Easy to massage in and more restorative than any other product on the market, we’ve selected the top five oils to reinvigorate – whether it’s just a tricky dry skin spell or you’re after a good thick, oily layer to marinate your face in overnight.


From left:


1) Aesop Damascan Rose Facial Treatment, £51

Aesop’s soothing and delightfully scented Rose concoction is the perfect nourishing treatment for dry, distressed or simply tired skin.

Aesop Notting Hill, 227A Westbourne Grove, W11 2SE;


2) Själ Saphir Concentrate, £138


The beautiful aqua packaging of Själ’s new oily elixir is easily matched by its wonderful contents. Containing Himalayan Blue Sapphires and aquamarine, the price tag is significant, sure, but a little of this marvellous product goes a long way.

Beauty Works West, 8-9 Lambton Pl, W11 2SH;


3) Clarins Santal Face Treatment Oil, £32

The latest in a long line of impressive products from Clarins, this one will enrich your skin and give it the moisture boost it’s crying out for.

Beauty Base, Westfield Shopping Centre, Aerial Way, W127SL;


4) Rodin Olio Lusso, £91

Linda Rodin’s expertly blended Olio Russo (rough translation – luxury oil) is one of the most exalted products on the market. And justifiably so; an investment that will give your skin an admirable and enviable glow.

Beauty Works West, 8-9 Lambton Pl, W11 2SH;


5) Cosmetics 27 L’Huile 27, £59


Bio-nourishing and scientific in their approach, Cosmetics 27 bring you an oil that works to not only moisturise but revitalise and regenerate tired skin cells with its carefully developed ingredients.

Beauty Works West, 8-9 Lambton Pl, W11 2SH;


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