Top 10 feng shui furniture stores

Think what you will of feng shui, but when it comes down to it, its principle is pretty darn lovely. Generally living a better life because you merely moved some things around in your house? Heck yes we’re on board! Okay, we’re oversimplifying. But it in essence that’s what happens.

Definitely regarded as a dogma for some, the art and science of feng shui originated in China and has been practised for over 3,000 years. Feng shui’ing your abode doesn’t mean disposing of every item you ever possibly owned, replacing it with “minimalist” Japanese furniture and sleeping on a bamboo mat. Feng Shui, ultimately, refers to the degree of harmony in your life, which is affected by the positioning of objects and people in your life. The theory goes that your outer and inner environments reflect one another. So, external disorder and chaos promotes internal unrest (or vice versa); a balanced exterior encourages a peaceful interior and so on.

In this day and age when a generous dose of skeptism with your ‘shui feels more natural than a strategically arranged bedroom, that all sounds like a crock. But it actually works. At the risk of sounding like an infomercial, a couple of Corner Mag team members have been crazy enough to test it out and have found they’ve gotten a better sleep and generally felt more, dare I say, Zen about things.

Considering we’re still riding the health wave inspired by January’s arrival, we thought we’d give you our top 10 feng shui furniture store suggestions in which you can purchase items essential to achieving some pretty fabulous qi at home. After all, your wellbeing depends on it…

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