The Tin Shed’s mince pies

The Tin Shed is the food equivalent of today’s ‘slashie': it is an artisanal bakery-cum-cafe-cum-bistro. In other words, it is a triple threat. And responsible for creating the foodies’ heaven that is The Tin Shed, is head baker/chef/visionaire Julian Sciascia. ‘Unpretentious’ is often a word bandied about to describe the wonderfully uncensored food and feel of the All Saints Road rest-stop. But we feel even that’s an inadequate description of the New Zealand-born Sicilian’s food mentality, especially because of The Tin Shed’s unique set-up whereby its customers can get a not-so-behind-the-scenes look at the baking process.

True to form, Sciascia was just as happy for us to film him in his element, and kindly made us something seasonally apropos: The Tin Shed’s mince pies. So take a gander; watch as Corner Magazine’s fabulous Baker Boy turns his flour-covered hands to our favourite Christmas treat. Enjoy.

Read more from the man who believes that ‘bread transcends everything else’ in Issue 6, here.

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