The Be-All And End-All Of Beards: How Will You Wear Yours?

Thank Thor that the hipster-fad of sporting a tuft or two on the upper lip alone has evolved into a growing (excuse the pun) preference for Viking-like full beards.


Although not all of us are destined to flamboyantly yet pensively (it is an art…) stroke our long, full beards whilst staring into the distance, there are a couple of other styles you can try out. So here, for your inspiration, are illustrations of the 10 best DIY beards.



And as with all other great things in life, wearing a beard on your face comes at a slight cost and a bit of effort. There are six essentials any aspiring beard aficionado needs in his manscaping box, as outlined here for your convenience:


1. First off, you obviously need a razor. So forget all that malarkey you hear on TV about five blades in one razor being the best; for a wet shave, nothing beats a good ‘ol cutthroat razor… Dovo of Solingen offers a nifty cutthroat razor with disposable blades (now you don’t need to bother with a strop).


2. If you’re opting for one of the styles that require some whiskers on your chin, you’ll also need a pair of shears and a brush to make sure everything stays nice and even.


3. To further coif your beard, especially if you are going for the handlebar or sea captain look, you are going to need to apply some wax.  Dr Dittmar’s Original Hungarian Moustache Wax is just the thing to tame those unruly wisps. This neutrally coloured product will not only hold your moustache and beard in the desired shape, it will also keep it moisturised.


4. As a pre-shave lotion, very few products can compete with Geo F Trumper Coral Skin Food. Massaged into the skin prior to a shave, it softens and lifts the beard and also protects and lubricates the skin.


5. When you’re ready for the actual shave, it’s best to have handy a little tub of Geo F Trumper Shaving Cream. Doubling up perfectly with the pre-shave lotion, this shaving cream is sure to leave the bare parts of your face silky smooth.


6. Last, but most importantly, it’s worth investing in a good beard conditioner. Prospector Co Burroughs Beard Oil not only conditions the beard, the follicles and the skin surface, it is also darn pleasing on the olfactory senses.


Go forth and grow.



Products sourced from CARTER and BOND, 15-17 Baseline Studios, Whitchurch Road, W11 4AT;

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