Style Icon: The Inimitable Bryan Ferry

“I don’t wake up in the morning and think I’m an icon or something, that’s kind of weird. I like going to work every day and trying to achieve something.


I like quality things. Yes, I do have a vast wardrobe, but it’s certainly not on the Elton John scale.” Conversely though, Bryan Ferry – unlike his sartorial out-doer – has always been synonymous with effortless chic (as opposed to with outfits channelling, say, a Marie Antoinette and Charles II hybrid, complete with sparkly specs to round the look off).


At 68, the man who fronted Roxy Music, confessed himself a slave to love and entreated us all to ‘Stay Together’ remains a staple of best-dressed lists and a byword for indestructible, unfading cool…


Get the full picture with Corner’s article here.


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