Spook town: Bond movie filming starts in the Hill

Yummy mummies, trustafarians, media types and the slightly-too-cool-for-Chelsea overspill: at a shamelessly generalised, cliché-ridden rule, that’s who we saw as providing the demographic make-up of our manor. At least for the past 10-or-so gentrified years.

But there is, we hear, another thrillingly murky sort of character lurking about our midsts; Notting Hill has, it seems, become something of a magnet for spooks. That’s right, Mr Bond has swung/dived/rolled/dodged his way into view just on the corner of Stanley Crescent and Ladbroke Grove, where filming for the latest 007 movie, Spectre, has begun.

Throw into the mix that John le Carré’s Our Kind of Traitor, was also shot on the very same street and you see something of a pattern forming. Not that the residents are anything but nonplussed; apparently having a line-up of Daniel Craig, Ewan McGregor and Naomie Harris turn up to your communal gardens is little more than a noisy drag. There’s space round ours if you like, Dan?




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