Exclusive Q&A: Tony Kitous Dishes Up A Delectable New Lebanese Recipe Book

The BBC named Exhibition Road’s Comptoir Libanais as one of the UK’s healthiest restaurants. Now you can recreate its virtuous yet pack-a-punch Lebanese dishes at home, courtesy of shiny new recipe book, Tony Kitous’ Comptoir Libanais Express. Our mouths are watering just thinking about the mezze… and the hummus… and the moutabal… and, oh you get the picture.

We chat to the man behind the moreish menu, Tony Kitous.

What is special about Lebanese food?

Lebanese food is an array of many different dishes, from mezze to grills or sweets. Mezze is very popular in the western world and is typically a selection of small plates, such as salads, dips and filled pastries. It creates a very simple spread and is perfect for any occasion. Best of all, it’s ideal for sharing.

Sum up your cookbook in three words:

Healthy, simple and addictive.

You’ve had a long day at work and want to cook something fast. What’s your go-to dish?

I love to cook spiced meatballs with chickpeas in a rich tomato sauce. I’d pair that with some vermicelli rice, tahini mash or Lebanese flatbread.

What are your three most under-rated ingredients?

Halloumi cheese, zaatar and pomegranate molasses – all three are essential in Lebanese cooking.

Comptoir Libanais Express; Lebanese Recipe Book; 1-5 Exhibition Road, SW7 2HE; Opening hours: Mon-Sat 20:30-00:00, Sun 20:30-23:30;

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