The Rum Kitchen’s Nassau Valley Winter Warmer

We caught up with mixologist Mario of the All Saints Road Caribbean-themed bar/restaurant, who showed us the ropes for making The Rum Kitchen’s Nassau Valley Winter Warmer. Between adding delicious liquors and stirring up heaven in a glass, he also gave us a few pointers on the key flavours of our favourite cooler month cocktails.

The Rum Kitchen’s Nassau Valley Winter Warmer 

- 25mL lemon juice
– 65mL Appleton Estate 12 Year Old Extra Rum
– 25mL Mr. Fitzpatrick’s Sarsaparilla Cordial
– 25mL sorrel syrup
 containing the Rum Kitchen’s Spice Mix of pimento, cinnamon and vanilla
– 8 cloves (4 for the cocktail, 4 for garnish)
– 1 uncrushed seed of cardamom
– 2 pimento seeds
– 50mL boiling water (although you can add more if you’d prefer it to be less strong)
– 1 orange (you only need the peel to garnish)
– 1 whole nutmeg to be ground for seasoning (store-bought is okay, too)

- 2 x 750mL stainless steel cocktail shakers
– 1 x cocktail strainer
– 1 x cocktail jigger or small measuring cup
– 1 x cocktail mixing spoon or regular spoon
– 1 x kettle (to boil water)
– 1 x peeler
– 1 x small tea strainer
– 1 x grater (if grinding the nutmeg fresh)
– 1 x glass mug


1. Prepare a double hot bath by pouring boiling water into one of the cocktail shakers and  then stacking the other on top so it is floating on the water. You want to end up with ‘a portable bain-marie.’
2. Pour the lemon juice and Appleton 12 into the floating cocktail shaker.
3. Add in the sarsaparilla and the sorrel syrup.
4. Sprinkle in 4 cloves, and all of the cardamom and pimento seeds.
5. Pour in the 50mL boiling water and stir well.
6. Remove the floating cocktail shaker from the hot bath, place the cocktail strainer over the opening, and pour its contents into the glass mug through the small tea strainer.
7. Prepare the garnish by spiking the remaining 4 cloves into a long strand of orange peel, equally spacing them along the peel.
8. Grate the whole nutmeg (or sprinkle the bought nutmeg) over the top of the mug to season.
9. Twist the clove-spiked orange peel and curl it over the edge of the mug.
10. Serve warm and enjoy amongst friends.

Are there any other cocktails the Rum Kitchen is doing throughout the winter period?

We have a mulled white wine and mulled red wine, rum hot chocolate, spiced hot chocolate, rum cream, which is ridiculously good but heart-stoppingly not good for you, because it’s basically honey and butter. It’s one of the most delicious things we make.

What are the main festive flavours that you try to incorporate?

Pimento. A lot of people don’t know what pimento is, they think pimento is a mix of flavours, but it’s actually the mix of flavours that is pimento. People think [they’re tasting] cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla, but that’s actually the natural flavour of pimento. So, the easiest way to make something Christmas-y is by adding half a shot of that to pretty much anything… Rum, a little chocolate bitters, eggnog, cinnamon, sorrel are all super, super Christmas-y.

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