Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea doesn’t want candy

Digging deep has never been so frowned upon amongst the denizens of the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea. No, we’re not talking a strange kind of philanthropic disapproval here; the local issue de jour is, of course, the mega-basements that have proliferated in the area in recent years, thereby causing no end of misery to those neighbours who have to endure months of drilling.

This month, RBKC has shown it is serious in its efforts to clamp down on these developments (new guidelines stipulate that most underground extensions will be restricted to a single storey); the super powerful and ubiquitous Candy Brothers, they of the monolithic One Hyde Park, have just had their proposals for a seven-storey block in Holland Park turned down by the council. Candy crush? Notably absent amongst the local planning committees, it seems.

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