Rabbit and The Shed gear up for Easter with Russian treats

Like Christmas, Easter in the UK has become little more than a commercialised holiday; an opportunity to indulge in copious amounts of (bad) chocolate while revelling in some free days off work. Look to Eastern Europe however and the religious festival is one that is still revered for it’s original meaning and marked with decidedly more traditional celebrations. And so it’s to Russia that the Gladwin brothers of Notting Hill’s The Shed and Rabbit on King’s Road’s have looked for festive inspiration. This Easter, both restaurants will be offering paskha, an Eastern Orthodox egg custard delicacy made with ingredients traditionally given during Lent such as eggs, vanilla, almonds and raisins. The main ingredient, tvorog, a white curd cheese, is said to symbolise the purity of Christ, and the dish itself is moulded into a pyramid to represent the church. The dessert will be served at both restaurants alongside homemade hot cross buns this Easter (3rd-6th April), which seems like an eternity, not least when you’ve given up some of your favourite goodies for Lent. We’ve already booked our table in anticipation.

Rabbit, 172 King’s Road, T 020 3750 0172,

The Shed, 122 Palace Gardens Terrace, T 020 7229 4024;



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