R.S.Currie & Co Toyshop: Hamleys In A Nutshell

Giant giraffes, hanging dinosaurs and overhead aeroplanes is pretty much the result of every child’s thought process when they’re told they can have their very own den. Add some bunting, flashing lights and a unfathomable amount of sweets and cuddly toys and R.S.Currie & Co toyshop on Westbourne Grove is what you get.




Quaint and eclectic, they house a selection of the world’s leading toy brands spanning stationary, pocket money toys and cuddly toys, not mentioning the traditional pick n mix sweets that will make any adult hark back to the good old days of rhubarb and custard 20 pence paper bags.




Going toy shopping without the 5 floor navigation test and dodgums style manoeuvring demanded by some bigger toyshops may leave some parents in an excitable hot sweat, and if this equals their idea of heaven then R.S.Currie & Co really is the key to the pearly gates.


A family-run business space that was once a classic car showroom, has humble beginnings and an ethos many other toy shops can’t match. Their slot on Westbourne Grove has been passed down the family from grandfather to grandson with a firm ethos to keep whatever business fills the space local, friendly and community based.




Venture into the back and the ‘Currie’s secret house’ awaits, an adorable playhouse for children’s parties. When the answer by the shop’s owner to ‘What’s the best thing about having a toyshop?’ is ‘being a big brother to all the local kids and being a part of their childhood’, its quite clear R.S.Currie & Co isn’t the average run of the mill toy chain. Filled with heart and attention for both the kids and products, Curries exudes the feeling that in thirty years this will be the place that ends those sentences ‘Remember when…?’.


R.S.Currie & Co105 Westbourne Grove, W2 4UW; Opening hours Mon-Fri 10.30-18:00, Sat 10.00-18:00, Sun 12.00-17.00; 




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