Overheard in the Hill

Festive ponderings, kleptomania nostalgia and accurate sartorial prejudices: it’s all in an afternoon’s walk ’round W11. So, while you’re nursing your stomachs, full to the brim of scrumptious Christmas fare, we hope you enjoy these snippets from the people you probably pass every morning on non-public holidays. Here, have a serve of this week’s Overheard in the Hill:

Is Father Christmas Baby Jesus’ Dad?
– @ Book and Kitchen

Tinsel, especially green tinsel, is the nadir of bad taste. The nadir!
– @ The Conran Shop

Don’t you think my fist looks like Jim Courier?
– @ The Hurlingham

Starbucks’ red cups are so fucking cosy, I can’t handle it.
– @ Starbucks, Notting Hill Gate

If my true love sent me French hens, geese or swans, I would FREAK OUT. I bloody hate birds.
– @ Julie’s

You know Notting Hill Arts Club is where I used to pickpocket in my youth?
– @ Notting Hill Arts Club

Ed Sheeran looks like a dirty cushion.
– @ The Cow

You only have to look at her shoes to know she’s an arsehole.
– @ Holland Park

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