In Which Notting Hill Area Do You Belong?

Because in a place as diverse as the Hill, there’s room for all sorts. So go on; take our quiz to find out which Notting Hill area best suits you.

1) Which piece of arm candy are you most likely to be seen toting?

A) A vintage woven bag
B) A Céline Trapeze tote
C) An Eastpack rucksack
D) A pull-along trolley

2) What’s your go-to lunchtime destination? 

A) Boom Burger
B) The Ledbury
C) Le Pain Quotidien
D) Yummies

3) How do you whet your whistle?

A) An organic cold-pressed juice for me
B) With a glass (or three) of champagne
C) Is there anything better than bubble tea?
D) With rum punch – the next round’s on you!

4) This Christmas you’re likely to be:

A) Around a campfire in New Forest
B) On a beach somewhere – the more exotic, the better
C) Back home abroad with the parents
D) Hosting a traditional family dinner

5) This Christmas, everyone is getting their presents from:

A) No stores, thanks, all of my gifts are handmade
B) Smythson
C) Online
D) Wherever I buy their voucher


Mostly As: Portobello
Well aren’t you just the native Notting Hiller. You know Portobello like the back of your hand, which allows you to make quick work of Saturday market crowd avoidance. Your knowledge of the Hill is unparalleled and always know where to go for the best food, brews and artisanal goods. As much as you hate to admit it, terms like ‘locally sourced,’ ‘organic’ and ‘vintage’ are your kryptonite.

Mostly Bs: Westbourne Grove
Lucky you: You’re successfully leading the Notting Hill life that’s the stuff of rom-coms. Date nights at Electric Cinema or Sunday brunches at Beach Blanket Babylon are not foreign concepts to you and, when not working on your new creative venture, a stop-off at Wolf & Badger is essential for some retail therapy. Because why shouldn’t you? You’ve earned it.

Mostly Cs: Notting Hill Gate
Welcome to London. Whereabouts are you from? Sorry, your DSLR camera-clad neck blew your cover; you’re clearly a tourist. Clinging to Prêts like a lifeline, you rely on their Wi-Fi to reconnect with loved ones while on your month-long holiday through Europe. Fortunately for you there is one conveniently located outside Notting Hill Gate. We’ll save you the trouble: walk across the road, take the first left after the roundabout, and follow the road down to get to Portobello Road Market.

Mostly Ds: North Kensington
‘So sorry I’m late, I had to drive my sister to work and the traffic was horrendous‘ is a frequent excuse for your tardiness. You are the anomaly, the proof that you can have a ‘normal’ life in Zone 2. Weekends might be spent babysitting your cousin or with your grandma teaching you her famous jerk rub or tagine recipe. Ultimately, you know how to put the ‘F’ in ‘family,’ and as much as they drive you crazy, you wouldn’t have it any way.

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