Native & Co’s gift-wrapping guidelines

Having only opened its striking indigo doors in late November, homewares store Native & Co is certainly cementing itself as a Notting Hill necessity. Founders Sharon Jo-Yun Hung and Chris Yoshiro Green are the two-person team behind Native & Co’s distinctive, minimalist brand – Sharon in charge of hand-picking the stock from their suppliers in Japan and Taiwan; Chris chiefly responsible for the store’s minimalist merchandising and branding. Mirroring their beautiful store’s clean design, Sharon and Chris’s motto for Native & Co is simple: ‘It’s about contemporary aesthetics but using the traditional techniques…Native & Co (the name) comes from the original and local products that we’ve personally picked from the world.’

Given the pair’s mastery in elegant presentation, we thought it best to consult them on all matters gift-wrapping and more specifically, their top tips for wrapping. Behold. Native & Co’s gift-wrapping guidelines:

1. ‘Choose a really simple wrapping paper that has a nice texture. I, personally, tend to go for things that have a bit more texture [and in] quite a plain colour.’

2. ‘Use less tape and more string – it just looks nicer.’

3. ‘Make sure the edges are clean and the paper is cut to size, because when it’s not cut to size you end up with this present that’s folded.’

Native & Co, 116 Kensington Park Road, London, W11 2PW;

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