Nadia Kaabi-Linke Captures Souls At The Mosaic Rooms

She hails from Tunisia. She lives and works in Berlin. And now she’s coming to London. All hail the UK debut of esteemed, Discoveries Prize decorated artist Nadia Kaabi-Linke.

The Mosaic Rooms plays host to The Future Rewound & The Cabinet of Souls, which features some of her recent work as well as specially commissioned site-specific installations.

The exhibition is formed of two parts, each inspired by the history of the gallery’s building, which, more than a century ago, served as an abode for Imre Kiralfy – the man who brought the Savage South Africa spectacle to the Greater Britain Exhibition in 1899.

The exhibition is conceived to reflect these last hundred years and the structures of power that thread colonialism and capitalism, captivity and control, the observed and observing.

The lower gallery will house The Cabinet of Souls, where amongst other works, you can expect to find Tunisian Americans, Impunities London Originals and Faces.

In the upper gallery, The Future Rewound explores enduring methods of control in contemporary life and looks at, among other things, at the rigorous process people have to go through before entering the UK.

Main image: Tunisian Americans, 2012. Nadia Kaabi Linke. photo credit Paolo Costa; Thumbnail: No, 2012. Nadia Kaabi Linke. photo credit Paolo costa

The Mosaic Rooms, 10 Oct-29 Nov; Tower House, 226 Cromwell Road, SW5 0SW;; FREE

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