Life Lessons at Spa Village Resort Tembok Bali

One of the follies of youthful travel must surely be in the belief that the tie-died spirit of fruit-picking community will somehow in turn spirit its way back home in your suitcase (sorry, your artfully battered backpack). ‘Shoes? Pah! Not for MY gravel-loving feet!’ ‘Juggling fire above my dreadlocks? Well, why the hell WOULDN’T I?’ Mere two-weeks-on-a-beach holiday-makers, in their infinite bourgoise banality, meanwhile tend to regard the acquisition of, say, a cuddly Dalai Lama, picked up in a mad grasping dash at the airport, as souvenir enough. Perhaps though, there is a middle-ground and the good people at Spa Village Resort Tembok Bali think they have it. Its School of Life Programme is aimed at renewal through everything from cooking with local ingredients to an intriguing-sounding ‘Five Element Form Class’ and guests are even issued with an after-care ‘survival’ package for life back in the real world, allowing them to practice what they’ve learnt. Which may or may not work when your nearest beach is Brighton, pebbles and all.


Prices begin at USD300++ (approximately £187) per room per night for the five-day, four-night School of Life retreat



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