Here come the girls: the race to the Royal Borough candidacy

For the denizens of Kensington and Chelsea, the cash for access scandal means one thing; a Malcolm Rifkind-shaped hole at the next election. And as ever, rumours are rife as to who will step into his shoes as the borough’s next candidate, with unlikely suggestions including property show presenter Kirstie Allsopp (even she recognises the absurdity of the idea, saying: ‘My borough needs serious minds for serious times. Not pretty faces looking for a career change.’) Good-oh, in jolly hockey sticks Kirstie’s Famous Five parlance.

And it seems it’s all about the girls this time round; Cameron’s advisor Laura Trott is a likely bet, but another name bandied around the chattering classes has held an all-too-familiar ring; that of Johnson. And this time it’s Rachel, erstwhile editor of The Lady. While even she admits that Westminster may not be ready to stomach a third of her clan, she has not denied the rumours either.

Whoever snags the candidacy, just beware of journalists posing as Chinese businesses. Just saying.

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