LC:M daily outfit suggestion – Day 4

The time has come, gents, when your ‘week’ (AKA four days of fun) concludes and the fashion circus packs up for another six months. If you haven’t found your LC:M look yet and that ‘signature style’ everyone is harping on about is proving ever-elusive, perhaps your salvation lies here. Breathe easy, because you can now say that you fall into the Scandi cool tribe, where Jamie Dornan in his AW14 Hugo Boss campaign is representing your sartorial spirit animals. Scandi cool simplified equals a touch of Japanese minimalism mixed with unfussy French ‘I just threw this on and I look fabulous’ flair. Case en point: Male model Willy Cartier. If by now modern dandy, normcore or preppy casual weren’t doing it for you, then perhaps for Day 4 of LC:M Scandi cool is your calling.

LC:M daily outfit suggestion – Day 4

Get the look: here’s how to achieve the LC:M daily outfit suggestion for Day 4 ~

Desert boot Opening Ceremony M6 desert boot, £190
Trousers Oliver Spencer Fishtail Trouser Stoke Grey, £126
Wrist watch Uniform Wares 200 Series Calendar wrist watch in Polished Slate Grey, £240
Shirt Orlebar Brown Whitby Sahara Classic Denim Shirt, £145
Backpack Bill Amberg The Hunter Rucksack in black with nickel, £395

Raincoat Stutterheim Stockholm raincoat, £200

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