Knead To Know! Recipease Instructs In The Art Of Breaking Bread

Few things bring on tummy rumbles as easily as the intoxicating smell of freshly baked bread… and nothing stops it quite as fast as opening the oven to find an inedible brick inside.


Luckily, after a bit of practice, and some help from the chefs at Recipease, the buns will be at the behest of the Baker!


Mr Oliver’s estimable establishment hosts Bread Baking, a course which will see experienced chefs teach neophytes all the basics tenets of baking; you’ll learn about different flours, the yeast and they’ll give you all the kneading know-how (did we mention this is a stress-relief course too?)…


But that’s just the start… you’ll also get your hands dirty in the making of focaccia, crusty white bread, and even an stuffed Italian bread. Plus, you get to take all of these home with you, so forget about the calorie counter – this is the staple of the summer picnic sorted.


25 July

Recipease,92-94 Notting Hill Gate, W11 3 QB,, 09:00, £60

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