About face: REN facial review at Anamaya

Poppy Cross checks in with Marielle at Anamaya for a hydrating signature REN facial 

Anamaya is the Sanskrit word for ‘health’ and Anamaya wellbeing centre in Kensington has many therapies to help get you in tip-top condition, including naturopathic nutrition, shiatsu, Pilates, energy healing, acupuncture, psychotherapy and more. As far as my skin’s concerned though, I swear by the signature REN facial designed by Marielle Alix who specialises in skincare, Naturopathy and Shiatsu.

Marielle uses specific massage techniques that tone and lift the skin (like a workout for the face) whilst also relieving any tension. Since I’m plagued by dry skin, particularly in colder climates, Marielle expertly uses extremely hydrating REN products (like the Ultra Moisture Day Cream and Rose O¹² Moisture Defence Oil) to penetrate deep into my dermis. I leave with a brighter, firmer complexion and a calmer mind. Whatever your skin concern, my money’s on Marielle to help you beat it.

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