What exercise craze should you take up in 2015?

New year, new you? We’re here to help you decide which of the hottest exercise crazes you should take up in 2015. It is a brand new day, after all…

1. How often do you exercise?

A) Four to five times a week, 60 minutes per tortuous session. Do you like it? No. Does everyone like your bum? Yes.
B) After you’ve watched the latest the latest R’n’B music video, depressed and envious.
C) Cycling to work, always taking the stairs and your long evening walks, you strive to turn every activity into a calorie burning venture.
D) Three, 20 minute high-intensity sessions a week. Minimal effort, maximum results is your mantra for life.

Which exercise craze should you take up in 2015 Barre Toned 2

2. Which celebrity’s body do you deem most lust-worthy?

A) Gwyneth Palthrow. Her commitment to her long, lean and lithe frame is only matched by her smugness about it.
B) Beyonce. She’s thick and toned while simultaneously having the mysterious ability to jiggle in all the right places.
C) Jessica Ennis. Her Olympian physique, of course, not her pregnancy physique.
D) Molly King’s dancer’s body epitomises your three vital ‘F’s: flat, fit and firm. And never a hair out of place!

Which exercise craze should you take up in 2015 The Library

3. Your perfect workout environment is:

A) A hot, sweaty gym. The sticky free weights and leering muscleheads have never phased you. In fact, they motivate you.
B) Nothing beats a studio; a room lined with mirrors in which you can witness your own excellence.
C) The great outdoors: nature’s gymnasium. Less chirping birds and wind in your hair and more mud under your nails and twigs in your mouth. That’s all part of the fun, no?
D) There’s no place like home. Mostly because you can watch The Real Housewives of Cheshire whilst doing your lunges.

Which exercise craze should you take up in 2015

4. How do you feel after a workout?

A) Dead, unable to walk, beaten to a pulp. The longer my legs tremble, the increased level of satisfaction.
B) A huge sense of achievement. And relief that it’s all over and done with…until the next session.
C) Energized and exhilarated; your body is a machine and you feel privileged to use it.
D) Sweaty, disgusting and searching for the nearest shower.

Which exercise craze should you take up in 2015 TRX Sam Burrows

5. How would you describe your fitness goals?

A) I want my 20-year-old bum back…and then some.
B) To be in shape without losing shape.
C) I want to maintain a healthy body that will carry me to 100-years-old.
D) I have a dress to fit into.


Mostly As

Which exercise craze should you take up in 2015 The Viking Method 2

You are hardcore: fitness isn’t an activity, it’s a mentality. Nothing is going to stand in your way, especially not slowcoach class members. One-on-one training is your only option. Try Svava Sigbertsdottir’s Viking Method for ultimate results, and don’t forget to check out Issue 7 for our full interview with Svava, where she shares her top training tips and more.

Mostly Bs

Which exercise craze should you take up in 2015 Barre Toned

It’s about that dream body for you; not too much muscle, with all your feminine curves kept in check. Try Barre Toned, a ballet-inspired class that achieves flat abs, defined thighs, and a lifted seat. After a couple of these classes, Beyonce better watch out.

Mostly Cs

Which exercise craze should you take up in 2015 vTRX

Your body is your most prized possession; a well-oiled machine that you feed the finest fuel, and whose every muscle you utilise in your daily routines. Try a session with personal trainer Sam Burrows and his TRX strength training method with ropes, pulleys and all sorts of bodyweight exercises.

Mostly Ds

Which exercise craze should you take up in 2015 The Library 2

You deem exercise a chore and it’s hard to stick to anything for longer than an episode of MIC. But, with your social life (and the wardrobe that goes with it) corned beef thighs aren’t an option. Grit your teeth trough The Library’s short, intensive training sessions. Guaranteed results.

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