Exclusive Interview / Why Florian London’s Tola Adeagbo Has Bags Of Style

Recently shortlisted by the Independant Handbag Awards in the overall style and design category, Florian London is making waves in the arm candy world… We caught up with designer, Tola Adeagbo, to get the full story…

You launched your label in 2011. What was your founding mission?

It all started in 2011 when we set out to design the ideal collection of handbags. We wanted our collection to be practical and functional yet stylish and on-trend. We wanted to combine sleek, utilitarian shapes and colourful palettes in an entirely new way with design inspiration from our love for British architecture.

It took us another year of research to create the first collection of Florian London Handbags in November 2012. We studied emerging lifestyle and fashion trends to bring our customers the most innovative and unique products that are practical and functional at an attainable price point.

Is there such a thing as a typical Florian London customer and how would you describe her?

She’s a sophisticated woman who needs a bag that can fit both her wardrobe and lifestyle. She is strong, confident and stylish.

Describe the perfect handbag?

To me, a perfect handbag should be an extension of the carrier’s style and also compliment her personality. It should be practical and polished, and most of all should be ‘made with love and care’.

How would you define your style?

It’s all about simple elegance. Being elegant makes you look feminine, attractive and mature. I love when elegance is combined with simplicity.

You recently announced the launch of a new and very colourful range of scarves. Do you think Londoners were in need of an injection of colour in their wardrobes?

Living in London, dull wet weather is pretty inevitable. However the weather should not dictate the colours Londoners wear; our colour palette shouldn’t be limited just because it is dull outside. Our new range of scarves is the perfect way to inject some much needed zing in your wardrobe.

If there were one accessory you couldn’t leave the house without it would be?

I couldn’t leave my house without my watch or my wallet.

What has been your proudest Florian London moment?

We were shortlisted out of 1500 applicants for the 2014 Independent Handbag Awards in the overall style and design category. That was really good news.

Favourite aspect of your job?

My favourite aspect of my job is looking at a drawing on my sketchbook knowing that it’ll eventually come to life.

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