The Little Yellow Door: Mad Hatters Brunch

We are already in love with The Little Yellow Door. It’s too odd a concept to not tickle your fancy — where else would you pay on the door to be ushered into the ‘flat’ of five roommates and treated as if you were a house guest all night by a quintet of hosts each playing characters? See? Odd. And our latest nightspot crush just got serious, since it announced the next weekend’s Christabel’s Mad Hatter Brunch, where Humpty Dumptys and Alice band sporters will be treated to a wonderland feast, cocktails, film screenings and music from DJ Nicola Marian Robinson. By 3pm, when the doors open to the rest of the world, you’ll likely find us slumped in a corner, grinning manically like a Cheshire cat.

Christabel’s Mad Hatter Brunch; 29 November; The Little Yellow Door; Tickets: £25 including a welcome drink; 68 Notting Hill Gate, W11 3HT; thelittleyellowdoor

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