Ella’s weekend shopping list

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I’m one of those sad people that have the bulk of their Christmas shopping done by the end of November, so naturally I’m feeling quite smug come early December. There enters what I like to call the ‘non-panic buying’; when, feeling left out of the festive build/retail frenzy up around me, I start to buy unnecessary extra gifts for friends and family. Lucky them. Here’s my completely superfluous shopping list for this weekend.

1. Scribble wrapping paper by HAY, from £2.50

I find the process of gift-wrapping strangely therapeutic, even more so when good paper is involved.

2. Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty at V&A

The best presents are the ones that need to be shared…with the gift giver. Which is why I’m giving my best friend two tickets to this much-anticipated show: one for her, one for me.

3. Mungo & Maud Organic Granola Dog Biscuits in a Bag, £16.75

I need an excuse to buy these. My friend has a Labrador. It’s Christmas. I’m buying them.

4. Sans[ceuticals] Bio Active Body Exfoliant, £25

You’re never too grown up for a stocking: my mum’s will be full of goodies such as this luxe exfoliant from chemical-free Kiwi brand Sans[ceuticals].

5. Daylesford Organic Notting Hill

Not so much a thing buy, as a thing to do: 2014 will not end well if I don’t sample Daylesford’s new supper menu. In recent days, many a lunchtime has been spent ogling the menu online; I’ve got my eye on the Jerusalem artichoke risotto with truffle oil and garlic breadcrumbs.

6. Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm, £69

At £69 a bottle, it’s very unlikely that I’ll be treating myself to this on the weekend, but I’m hoping someone who loves me dearly is reading this and will get the hint.

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