Don’t miss Nick Reese’s talk on Turner and Girtin

The 1700s and 1800s must surely be the golden age of British watercolour painting. Turner, Girtin and Constable were just some of the leviathans of the age that we continue both to revere and to count on to transport us to romantic landscapes of yesteryear…


Nick Reese, whose varied career saw him dart from gaining a first class degree in History and History of Art to a career in the law and then to travel writing, is a man who knows a thing or two about the subject. Now, marking a return to the artistic interest of his youth, he will be the will be giving a lecture on the history of watercolour painting in Britain at the Griffin Gallery on the 10th of May, focused on the works of Turner and Girtin.


Even better, it is completely free as long as you RSVP.

10 May

The Studio Building,21 Evesham Street, W11 4AJ,


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