David Hockney’s milkman ‘Live from LA’

David Hockney is a complex cove, as Hockney: Live from LA, a new film about his life attests. This country’s best-known living artist, David Hockney is a ‘national treasure’ (a term he does not endorse, incidentally). a curiously cosy character and simultaneously a lifelong devotee of Los Angeles, that least homely of cities. Our favourite Hockney story of the moment relates to the period he spent jetting between the City of Angels and Notting Hill; it was in our neck of the woods that Hockney purportedly made friends with his milkman, who went to stay with him regularly across the pond. Apparently David Hockney’s milkman is also ‘Live from LA’. We love that things like that just happen in the Hill.

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