Corner Cornered: Sophie Newstead’s Notting Hill Valentine’s picks

Right, Valentine’s day is as much of an excuse to wine and dine as it is to whinge and deny. That inevitable and uncompromising need to make plans on this annual day is the one commonality singles and couples share on 14th, even if the incentives are chalk and cheese

So you could, predictably, choose from the following: share a lady and the tramp-style spaghetti with your one and only, or distract yourself with so many plans that the day can’t possibly move any quicker. Or — my choice* — head to Notting Hill for tortillas and saxophonics, which I know from experience never fail to deliver this time of year.

Where? Galicia Spanish Restaurant. Unbeatable food, with an authentic atmosphere. If you leave without trying the tortilla, you have failed.
323 Portobello Road, T 020 8969 3539

And then? Lisa’s Jazz Bar. Sax. Sax. Sax. Oh, and Nordic-inspired cocktails. But lots of sax.
305 Portobello Road, 020 8964 8293;

*User friendly across all marital statuses

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