Cool Runnings: Choose The Shoes That’ll Keep You Going

As sunny parks beckon and t-shirt season fast approaches, it’s time to expel those pesky winter pounds we gained, and running is one of the quickest fixes. Starting however, isn’t quite as simple as pulling on some trainers and hitting the road…


Before you start, you need to consider your foot strike. The three main types are overpronation, supination and neutral. Sounds Greek? It’s quite simple really; pronation is the natural inward rolling movement and overpronation is the outward rolling of the foot as it supports the rest of your body while you run. A flat- or low arched foot is likely to lead to overpronation whilst a very high arch could lead to supination. Inbetween is neutral, and that’s good.


So if you’re not sure of whether you overpronate or supinate, dip your bare feet in some water and walk over a hard surface, like kitchen tiles.


Have a look at your footprint. If most of it, even the inner part of the arch is visible, you will most likely overpronate. If only the outside half of your foot touches and leaves a print, the opposite is true and supination is your verdict.


Don’t fear your diagnosis – neither of these is a problem. But if you run with shoes that do not support you in the right areas, you might end up spending less time on your feet and more time lying on the couch feeling sorry for your injured self. So let Runners Need in Kensington be your guide…


The Asics Gel Kayano 20 running shoe offers the perfect support for runners who overpronate. The gender-specific support on the inside and under the sole offers stability and motion control and ensures that the foot does not roll inwards too much, and therefore helps you to run more economically – when the going gets tough, you’d want these on your feet!


Supinators need to stay far away from motion control or stability shoes as these can force the foot strike outwards even more.  A neutral running shoe like the Mizuno Wave Rider 17 (available in mens and womens models), with its flat insoles will provide you with enough cushioning to keep you injury free and running like a champion.



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