An offer you can’t refuse… Sicily comes to South Ken

Revenge may be a dish better served cold, according to the gangster logic of Mario Puzo, but when it comes to aperitivo in the Sicilian style, there is only one word to describe that most civilised of sundowner traditions: hot.

Which is why you’ll catch us at IDDU, the new South Kensington-based incontro served up by the super team behind South Kensington Club. Expect cured hams, bruschetta and olives, all to be washed down with glugs of Sicilian vino and a hearty helping of the island’s chutzpah and rowdy sociability.

If ‘great men are not born great, they grow great’, they are surely helped along the way by a good dose of the Sicily’s finest produce. Step up, then, wannabe godfathers and make a beeline for IDDU.

IDDU, 44 Harrington Road, SW7 3ND;  020 7589 1991

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