A weekend In Wonderful Wonderful Copenhagen? It Just Got Even Better With Corner’s Guide

Fancy a couple of days in Hans Christian Andersen’s friendly old girl of a town? Don’t even think about it without Corner’s guide to the city consistently voted the happiest in the world


Hans Christian Andersen’s claims of a sense of wonder for his country’s capital, penned back in 1952, marked by no means the least or last extolling of its virtues by his compatriots.


The Danish actress, Connie Nielsen later eulogised: ‘If Copenhagen were a person, that person would be generous, beautiful, elderly, but with a flair. A human being that has certain propensities for quarrelling, filled with imagination and with appetite for the new and with respect for the old – somebody who takes good care of things and of people.’ Lavish praise indeed, and certainly, this cosmopolitan Scandinavian city is steeped in history – think medieval and rococo gems – all amidst a canal system, scattered amongst which is a hearty serving of the pared-back design Scandinavia is famed for.


And then there’s the food…


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